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Meet Jeremy Levine

The ThunderBell comes with the exclusive ThunderBell Training Program created by Jeremy Levine, developer of the Navy SEALs Human Performance Program and top athlete fitness trainer.

Jeremy spent over a decade working with the U.S. Navy SEALs and Special Forces developing human performance and physical training programs. It is this training that is at the foundation of the ThunderBell.

Jeremy designed the ThunderBell Training Program for all levels of fitness – throughout the workout DVD, Jeremy and his team demonstrate modified movements that cater to beginner and more advanced fitness goals. Whether you’re just starting out or very fit, the ThunderBell will challenge you to the extreme, give you confidence and best of all – RESULTS. Jeremy believes in, applies and lives all of the principals of the ThunderBell Training Program… and so will you!

More about Jeremy Levine strength coach and fitness expert

jeremy_screenshot1Jeremy Levine is a world-renowned functional performance training and conditioning expert whose clientele includes top high school, amateur, collegiate, Olympic, and professional athletes. Jeremy holds a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Old Dominion University, and is a former United States Marine and professional athlete.

jeremy_screenshot2Jeremy's unique approach to providing real functional training has made him one of the most sought out trainers in the world. His unique hybrid training philosophy is a product of countless years of mentoring by the world’s leaders in movement, conditioning, and sports medicine. Over the past 20 years, he developed and honed his unique training philosophy through research and development within the most elite fighting forces and athletes from around the globe. Jeremy pioneered a human performance initiative and program for the US Navy SEALs and countless other elite military organizations.

His training philosophy is focused towards developing supreme athleticism and fitness, utilizing movement, postural alignment, biomechanics, and economy of motion to help others achieve optimal performance.

Some of Jeremy’s achievements include:

  • jeremy_screenshot3First civilian to work full time in the operational physical performance environment and pioneer human performance initiatives within United States Special Operations Commands
  • Received Commendation Award from Navy for training, educating, and reducing injuries throughout the SEAL Teams
  • As a civilian, briefed the Assistant Secretary of Defense of Health Affairs on physical training, injury, and performance issues within the military
  • Developed curriculums and courses: Certified Military Physical Training Specialist, Fitness Fundamentals, Operator Physical Evaluation Course, High Altitude Training Symposium, and Functional Performance Specialist
  • jeremy_screenshot3Consultant to professional football, hockey, basketball and baseball organizations on athlete performance and development training
  • Strength & Conditioning Advisor to USA Olympic Wrestling – Freestyle & Greco Roman National Teams