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What is ThunderBell

The ThunderBell and ThunderBell Training Program is a complete TOTAL BODY TRAINING SYSTEM in one unique, space-saving, diverse training tool.

The patent-pending 7-grip design enables the ThunderBell to serve as a dumbbell, barbell, kettlebell, medicine ball and so much more.

The ergonomic grips allow seamless transition from one movement to the next, working all the muscles in the body as a whole in a dynamic fitness program that simultaneously builds and sculpts while developing balance, coordination flexibility, strength, and endurance.


Introduction: Training & Level 1 DVD

Everything you need to get started with the best workout of your life. Elite Special Forces and Pro-Athlete Trainer Jeremy Levine is your own personal trainer through:

INTRODUCTION: Training & Level 1 Workouts
Includes One-on-One instructions for 26 unique ThunderBell moves, Foundation workout to develop the basics, and 2-part level 1 workouts

ADVANCED: Level 2 Workouts
2-part Level 2 workouts involve more complex movements to develop powerful muscle definition and increased endurance

WARRIOR: Level 3 Workouts
2-part Level 3 workouts demonstrate the ultimate in dynamic movement training to achieve the height of strength, balance and stamina

BONUS Core & Core Advanced
top off your workouts with these targeted core programs that will strengthen and define your torso like never before

Plus Members Only Access to download:

Healthy Eating Guide – Supplement your workout by learning how to eat right

Fitness Calendar – Optimize your results with this 90-day guide that shows you how to balance your ThunderBell workouts with other fitness activities

Revolutionize Your Approach to Fitness

Outdated or traditional workout methods and equipment train muscles and joints in an isolated manner segregating one muscle group from another over multiple days, taking too much time and delivering mediocre results.

The power of the ThunderBell lies in its multi-handle grip and ergonomic design allowing for an endless combination of multiple joint and muscle training movements and exercises, developing balanced muscle groups and functional fitness for optimum performance. All with a single product.

The dynamic and powerful ThunderBell Training Program, developed by Navy SEALs and elite pro-athlete trainer Jeremy Levine, is based on coordinated, synchronized muscle movements and continuous sequenced motion patterns designed to maximize results in less time. With the ThunderBell, you will revolutionize your fitness training to rapidly burn calories, increase strength and endurance, and give you that lean, sculpted look you’ve always wanted.